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News: AA131 Focuses on Spaceflight and Sustainability

By Simone D'Amico   September 26, 2022

AA131 Space Flight is a required course for all undergraduate students in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford and is taught each Autumn Quarter by Professor D'Amico. It is the first course that exposes students to orbital mechanics and spacecraft design, providing them with a critical overview of the practical skills needed to design, implement, and operate space systems. This year, Professor D'Amico provides even more context to the course by focusing the first lecture on spaceflight and the future of sustainability in space. By concentrating on the end-goal and real-world applications, Prof. D'Amico will motivate students with a vision for how they can apply the skills they will learn in class to revolutionize spaceflight! 

Simone D'Amico is the founder and director of SLAB.

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