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News: Prof. D'Amico wins Exemplary System Engineering Doctoral Dissertation Award

By Simone D'Amico   March 13, 2017

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Prof. Simone D'Amico was recently awarded the Exemplary System Engineering Doctoral Dissertation by the International Honor Society for Systems Engineering (SE). During its tenth anniversary meeting on 07/17/2016 in Edinburgh, the Omega Alpha Association Board of Directors authorized the establishment of an Exemplary Systems Engineering Doctoral Dissertation Showcase (ESEDDS). Its legacy originates with SEANET and also from a charter cohort of five exemplary doctoral programs identified in 2010-11. Three dissertations were designated as being exemplary in 2016. Steady-state continuation of the SE Dissertation Showcase initiative began in 2017, when two exemplary doctoral dissertations per year in SE will be designated for the showcase. The Omega Alpha Board has authorized a $5,000 cash award for each exemplary dissertation, together with a Certificate of Exemplary Recognition and an Omega Alpha Medallion. The motto and purpose of the Omega Alpha Association is derived from the philosophy of Leonardo da Vinci, that is, “Think About The End Before The Beginning”. Omega Alpha was organized as the international honor society for Systems Engineering and operate to recognize and honor truly distinguished individuals through election to charter, full, or honorary membership, and to celebrate quintessential contributions by individuals to the advancement of the art and practice of systems engineering.

Simone D'Amico is the founder and director of SLAB 

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