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News: Professor D’Amico Presents at 14th ECC for Spacecraft Relative Motion GN&C tutorial session

By Jan Kolmas   March 12, 2015


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SLAB’s Principal Investigator, Simone D’Amico, will be one of 6 experts presenting at a tutorial called Spacecraft Relative Motion Guidance, Navigation and Control: Missions, Technology, & Theory at the 14th annual European Control Conference, to be held in Linz, Austria, on July 15-17th, 2015.

According to the proposal by session organizers Dr. R. Scott Erwin and Dr. Morgan Baldwin, this tutorial session will provide an overview of recent results from actual on-orbit relative motion control missions, as well as introduce several elements of the theory of spacecraft relative motion control and the control-relevant technology required for these missions. The target audience are researchers in dynamic systems analysis, control system theory and design, estimation theory, tracking, and navigation, as well as professionals interested in space missions and spacecraft guidance, navigation and control systems.

In a talk entitled “Impulsive Formation Keeping and Reconfiguration for Spacecraft Formation-Flying and Rendezvous,” D’Amico will address the design of multi-impulsive solution schemes for spacecraft formation maintenance and reconfiguration capable of fulfilling the requirements posed by future formation-flying and rendezvous missions. Besides presenting the work that has led to two flight demonstrations of formation keeping and reconfiguration technologies, namely in the German TanDEM-X and Swedish PRISMA missions, D’Amico will outline current and future research efforts in the area, including research in the Space Rendezvous Lab (SLAB) at Stanford.


Jan Kolmas is a graduate student in Stanford’s Space Rendezvous Lab 

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