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Project: Miniaturized Distributed Occulter-Telescope Mission (mDOT)

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The Miniaturized Distributed Occulter/Telescope (mDOT) mission will provide the very first direct, precise measurements of brightness and spectra of extrasolar dust disks in the near ultraviolet spectrum, allowing scientists to better understand star emission models and processes behind planet formation. It is also a technological pathfinder for future missions utilizing starshades.

mDOT employs novel orbit design and spacecraft control techniques to enable a smallsat starshade formation-flying mission in low Earth orbit. One small satellite carries a 3m starshade and deploys a CubeSat carrying a 9cm telescope. The starshade uses extremely precise formation-flying to block the light of nearby stars, allowing the telescope to image stellar dust disks with unprecedented sensitivity.

The Stanford Space Rendezvous Laboratory (SLAB) has developed novel mission, orbit and formation designs which allow mDOT and other starshade concepts to be deployed in Earth orbit, reducing mission costs by orders of magnitude. SLAB will employ its DiGiTaL navigation system to provide the centimeter-level relative navigation accuracy required for precise observations, as well as new optimal control techniques enabling efficient formation reconfigurations and target observation campaigns.

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