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Deep Learning for Exoplanet Detection and Characterization

Spacecraft Swarm Optimization for Distributed Interferometry

Fast Angles-Only Relative Navigation using Polynomial Dynamics

Observability Analysis for Angles-Only Distributed Space Systems

Single Impulse Escape Trajectories for Binary Spacecraft Formations

Optimal Three-Body Trajectories for Distributed Telescopes

On-Ground Validation of CNN-Based Monocular Pose Estimation Systems

Atmospheric Mass Density Estimation via Relative Accelerometry

Autonomous Miniaturized Distributed Space Systems - Simone D'Amico

VISORS Transfer Trajectory, Animated by Toby Bell, Simulated by Tommaso Guffanti.

Autonomous Distributed Angles Only Navigation and Timekeeping in Lunar Orbit

Professor Simone D’Amico on the Future of Everything Podcast with Professor Russ Altman

Generating the SPEED+ Dataset using TRON

Testbed for Rendezvous & Optical Navigation (TRON) for Spacecraft PosE Estimation Dataset (SPEED)

Professor D'Amico giving a lecture at SETI, 2016

Robotic Testbed for Space Rendezvous using TRON, 2016.