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News: Briefing on the Stanford Emerging Technology Review

By Simone D'Amico, August 3, 2023

Today, Professor Simone D'Amico had the privilege of briefing the Stanford's Emergent Technology Review (SETR) council on the focus area Space Technology and its Policy Implications. Great discussion with members of the Stanford's Faculty council, Senior Fellows of the Hoover Institution Directed by Condoleezza Rice (Amy Zegart, Herbert Lin, John Taylor) and fellow researchers. In the seminar, Professor D'Amico poses two Grand Challenges:

  1. Safety and Sustainability for Spaceflight
  2. Safety and Sustainability from Spaceflight.

The juxtaposition between "for" and "from" space flight is just as indicative that it is part of the solution as it is part of the problem concurrently. Professor D'Amico claims that sustainable development of space is possible through multi-satellite autonomy and coordination at a global level. At the same time, Professor D'Amico also claims that sustainable development on Earth is possible through the creation of an Earth-like digital-twin based on leveraging the full capacity of artificial intelligence and advanced multi-satellite remote sensing in order to predict, monitor and mitigate disasters and extreme events. This is certainly at the core of research in the Stanford Space Rendezvous Laboratory's work on Distributed Space Systems. Stay tuned for slides and videos!

Simone D'Amico is the founding director of the Stanford Space Rendezvous Laboratory

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