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News: Prof. D'Amico Delivers Keynote Speech at 2022 European Conference for Computer Vision

By Simone D'Amico   Ocotober 17, 2022

Professor D'Amico was invited to give a keynote speech at the AI for Space workshop as part of the 2022 European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) held from October 23 - 27. ECCV is a premier computer vision conference that brings together over 4,000 computer vision researchers and industry leaders from over 50 countries biennially.

Professor D'Amico's presentation was titled "Spaceborne Vision and Artificial Neural Networks" and focused on how Artificial Neural Networks have been, and will continue to be transformative in addressing open research questions in areas such as spacecraft navigation, space sustainability, and exoplanet habitability.

Thank you to the organizers of the AI for Space Workshop for the invitation!

Simone D'Amico is the founder and director of SLAB.

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