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News: SLAB at Hoover's Tech Track 2

Today Prof. D'Amico had the great honor to be a panelist at the Hoover Institution’s Tech Track 2 (TT2) Research Initiative. Prof. D'Amico shared his thoughts on spaceflight opportunities and challenges, distributed space systems and policy needs. 

Great conversations with everybody involved and especially the space technology panel: 
Raj S. - Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution 
Dan Berkenstock - Co-Founder, SkyBox Imaging 
Brig Gen Jason Cothern - Deputy Commander, Space Systems Command, US Space Force 
Simone D'Amico - Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University Hon. 
Sue Gordon - fmr. Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence 

TT2 is designed to foster deeper cooperation between US government leaders, tech executives, and distinguished academics on urgent national security challenges. Thank you to Amy Zegart for hosting and for the invitation!

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