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News: The 2023 Stanford Emerging Technology Review is Published

Today (Nov. 14, 2023), the inaugural edition of the Stanford Emerging Technology Review (SETR) was unveiled at a launch event at the Hoover Institution. SETR co-chairs Condoleezza Rice (Director, Hoover Institution), Jennifer Widom (Dean, School of Engineering), and Amy Zegart (Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution), among others, provided remarks. 

Prof. D'Amico served on the SETR faculty council as the advisor for the Space technology area. Other contributors to the Space chapter of the report were SETR Fellows Tommaso Guffanti (SLAB Postdoctoral Scholar), Nicolas Lee, Walter J. Manuel (SLAB PhD Candidate), and SETR Student Research Assistant Isobel Porteous.

SETR is the first product of a major new Stanford technology education initiative for policymakers. Its goal is to help both the public and private sectors better understand the technologies poised to transform our world so that the United States can seize opportunities, mitigate risks, and ensure that the American innovation ecosystem continues to thrive. These efforts are guided by four observations: 1. Policymakers need better resources to help them understand technological developments faster, continuously, and more easily. 2. America’s global innovation leadership matters. 3. Academia’s role in American innovation is essential yet increasingly at risk. 4. The view from Stanford is unique, important and needed now more than ever.

This report is intended to be a useful “one-stop shopping” primer that covers ten key emerging technology areas: artificial intelligence, biotechnology and synthetic biology, cryptography, materials science, neuroscience, nuclear technologies, robotics, semiconductors, space technologies, and sustainable energy technologies. While this is nowhere near an exhaustive list of technology research areas at Stanford, these ten fields are rapidly shaping American society today and promise to gain importance in the coming years.

The Space chapter of the SETR report can be found here in web and pdf form.
The full SETR report can be found here in web and pdf form.

Also, the previous SLAB news item on Prof. D'Amico's SETR faculty lecture can be found here.

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